Carpet Cleaner Adelaide

Carpet cleaners are generally a smaller industry, and the businesses themselves are smaller compared to some of the other businesses we have listed as part of the Neil Connection. But that is partly why we felt as if we needed to push for a carpet cleaner who we felt delivered excellent service compared to others. Due to their lack of experience or funds, it can be difficult for a carpet cleaner to really advertise or market themselves across their towns and cities. But with the Neil Connection, we can provide an opportunity for them to be found.

With the carpet cleaners in Adelaide, we were looking at how effective they are as part of a customer service initiative, and how well they were able to clean out stubborn stains. The stains were tested using a variety of very difficult to clean such as wine. We had to do this on several services in several homes so that we were able to test the best companies in several locations, while not giving the game away so to speak.

The reason that we picked this carpet cleaner was due to how new the carpet had looked once they had finished. The carpet had come out looking food as new compared to some of the many companies we had used. This company had ensured that the carpet came out looking fresher than it did before the wine spill but used materials and cleaner liquids that had only benefited the overall health of the carpet rather than destroy it.

The actual smell of the materials once it had been cleaned was even more of a positive than the actual cleaning itself. While I hadn’t noticed beforehand, the actual carpet had a lingering smell that was quite bad. But once the carpet had been cleaned as a whole, it made the entire room smell significantly better than before.

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