Carpenters Sydney

There are so many carpenters around Australia in 2019, that it is hard to consider a single carpenter worthy of being called better than anyone else. But when you consider what would set a carpenter above all else apart from the price, it becomes about the level of quality. The level of quality is incredibly important for a carpenter who is focused on woodworking and especially custom furniture, but that’s why we decided to pick this Sydney based carpenter as our best.

The reason that we put them as part of the Neil Connection even though they can afford to market themselves is simply because of how impressed we were with their level of quality. We had commissioned more than 5 separate pieces of custom made furniture to them in order to grasp their level of skill compared to other carpenters, but also because the items were actually needed by some members of the Neil Connection.

What had resulted from these commissions were pieces of furniture such as sofas and chairs that were of the highest level of quality. They were hand made, but they looked as if they were mass produced with perfect efficiency. This is meant as a compliment, because there were no faults with the items themselves.

They also had a very strong feel to it. There were no feelings of instability in any form. Sometimes with custom made chairs, you will feel some “weakness” to the chair itself, as if they are flimsy or the legs aren’t attached strongly. With these chairs however, they felt amazing, it felt as if you couldn’t tear the legs away if you tried. And that shows real craftsmanship quality against other items.

These carpenters deserve to be a part of the Neil Connection just because of the level of work that was completed alone, and that should never be ignored.

I would also like to say thank you to Accountant Seattle for all of their help over the years.

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